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Best Comments: Death Threats and Self Love

Despite the release of our very romantic preview of “Ebaby!’s Turkrainian Wedding,” commenters chose topractice their English with death threats this week.One member from Denmark immediately thinks of dying for someone at the mention of marriage. This reads like a slightly morbid wedding vow. We also have a young Russian woman who is deadly serious about finding friends and penpals on the Internet. Finally, a member from Mauritania seems pretty convinced that our English lesson on being a good Samaritan actually killed someone. It really is a tough world in ESL and online English education this week. A woman from Slovenia took ourEnglish lesson on James Bond as a chance to explain that she will not tolerate a wimp. The Eagles seem to have had a painful effect on this Chinese woman’s hands.“Finger-popping”…That sounds painful! Finally, this week’s English slang lesson drew concerns of an alien invasion from a Sri Lankan member. If all that wasn’t enough, someone showed up on the good Samaritan lesson just to tell me how I feel.Geez. So my pet frog died this week. DID YOU HAVE TO RUB IT IN??? But it’s not all darkness here in the land English chat and English forums. Those seeking friends are always in abundance here on Ebaby!, like this person who mistook an English lesson for a potential friend. And of course, cultural exchange is in no short supply. We learned of the Indian version of the good Samaritan…as well as the Chinese. And one Bulgarian got her fair share of “lolz” at my conversation with Mason.And, finally, in addition to a place to practice English, learn English free, and make friends all over the world, apparently Ebaby! is a place to develop self-love.

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