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The Debut of Best Comments

I’ve always thought that the best part of the lessons on English, baby! is the comments. They’re certainly the funniest part because ESL students and people learning English can say and do things a native speaker like me would never have thought of. Sometimes they make some great observations and share wisdom as they learn English and make friends.Every week or so from now on I’m going to blog about the funniest, most interesting and best commentsleft on the lessons from that week. The movie this week was Bee Movie, which I haven’t seen, but I’m tempted to because I like Jerry Seinfeld so much. But apparently seeing Bee Movie can be hazardous to your health. This poor Chinese gentleman died mid-comment. So I guess I better not make Bee Movie my next date with Amanda. My attempt to kiss her drew a lot of interesting comments including a couple from anEgyptian guy who decided to make his own quizabout what you would do if a girl asked you to take it slow.In case you don’t feel like checking out the lesson, it’s summed up pretty well here by this comment, which comes to us from Sri Lanka.Another commenter, a Somalian rap artist (judging from the Vanilla Ice-style posture in the photo) sums up the lesson in something of a mysterious telegram. Some might call that bad English. Others might call it post modern poetry. In any case, he must have missed our lesson on the KKK a couple of weeks ago. Amanda’s father is Chinese (as is referenced in this lesson on Chinese food) so maybe Chinese girls just don’t like me, because there were a pair of Chinese ladies who commented specifically to say they would not date me.Amanda is reluctant to date me as it is! Don’t encourage her hesitation! Wish me luck on the Amanda front. I need it.But those sick people in New York need way more help. One commenter with a handle in characters I don’t recognize shared the apocalyptic thoughts the lesson brought to her mind: “the world getting worse and worse, so dirty not only the environment but the people’s heart.”On a lighter note, that lesson also brings us the “Will You Be My Friend?” comment of the week! A lot of people seem to get lost on the site looking for English chat and English forums and end up posting all over the place asking for friends. So each week I’m going to select one of those to share here. I like the forlorn yet straightforward plea of this Chinese teen. And I leave you with this.Recliners are NOT horrible. And don’t you forget it. Thanks, my Pakistani friend.

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