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Emotions in the ESL classroom

It is a well known fact that ESL and EFL students cannot learn English in an overly emotional environment. In essence, students’ emotions stop them from learning. Learning another languge requires so much of an individual that there just isn’t enough energy or brain power to process new language and overwhelming emotions, like fear and sadness.

But what about the ESL teacher? Being an ESL teacher is an emotional job. For me, there are only so many emotions I can deal with and still be an effective teacher. Students often come to me with their problems. As their ESL teacher, I am supposed to help them learn the language and transition into a new society. But, sometimes there just isn’t enough of me. Lately, my own personal troubles have stopped me from being the best teacher and the best support system for my students.

I guess, I would love some advise from experienced teachers. Or maybe there just isn’t a solution. Maybe you can’t be a great teacher, if you are too emotionally invested. Just like students who can’t learn, teachers can’t teach when their feelings aren’t under control. How do you control your emotions?

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