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1.3 Billion People Are About to Change Your Language

Now, I have seen some funny translations in my travels. “Homos” for “hummus” and the like, but this takes the cake. This is just one of many groups of incredibly bizarre “vocabulary” words from a set of Chinese English learning blocks featured in this hilarious blog post.

It’s worth checking out just for the laughs, but it also raises a good point. As English becomes the global language, how will it change? The author of the post cleverly notes that as China’s 1.3 billion people learn English, it may become the case at some point that what they say goes since they’re the majority of the speakers. Chainsaw? Sorry, Yank, that’s a reactance.

According to this recent story from Indian news outlet NDTV, there are already more English speakers in India than in the US. Soon the tables will be turned and English slang will come from Asia instead of the US and I’ll be the one trying to keep up by reading ESL websites!

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