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Syllabus and Course Planning

Next week is the start of a new semester at my university. I am excited to teach a new class on academic vocabulary and meet new students. But I am also a little worried because I need to write a syllabus and that can be an unpleasant experience! A syllabus is an outline of the course. It gives students an understanding of the teacher’s expectations and of the course’s schedule. It shows how you plan to build the course.

I don’t like writing syllabi because it seems like too much planning. I am always a little hesitant to schedule out ten weeks of class before I meet the students. I would like my class to be dynamic and student-centered, but how do you write that into a syllabus. My question to you is: How do you manage to keep class time flexible AND give students a firm plan for the course in a syllabus?

I think, I have developed one strategy. I am going to supply an outline for the course as if it were a one-hour course. (The course is actually two hours long.) That way every class time, I have an hour to deal with student generated topics and problems. This will require work throughout the term to develop more materials and assignments, but I think it makes for a better class.

Maybe some teacher have a better way of outlining a course. To me though, it seems impossible to outline the entire course before the course begins. Still, I remember being a student and I had some great teachers who did just that. So if you plan your entire course before you start class, can you give me some tips?

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  1. naseemibrahim Says:

    I like to join the corse to improve my English


  2. ankita Says:

    i m good at managing the things.i can vouch u that i can do that 4 u .

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