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Am I being watched?

Yesterday, my boss came to observe my class. It is such an interesting experience to observe another teacher and, of course, it can be stressful and exciting to be observed. I am always worried when people observe my classes because you never know what they are looking for. How do you know they will appreciate your curriculum? And how does anyone know when they have witnessed “the perfect class?”

Each teacher has such a different view that it is difficult to judge someone openly. Luckily, my boss used my definition of the perfect classroom in his observation. He used my teaching philosopy to make a rubric and then graded my class. I was held to my own standards for the perfect teacher. And he thought I did well. (As did I. 🙂 )

But in most cases, we go into observations with our own thoughts on what should be happening. We use our own teaching philosophy to grade other teachers. This really doesn’t seem fair. Without the ability to read something or have them explain their rationale, it can be hard to appreciate other teachers’ methods. On the other hand, I have never walked away from an observation without learning something.

To end this post, I thought I would put in a picture of a great teacher, Anne Sullivan. She taught Helen Keller when she was just a child. She would tutor Helen throughout her school years.

I wonder, if we would have known she was doing something so extraordinary if we had sat in on one of her lessons.

4 Responses to “Am I being watched?”

  1. Lucida Says:

    I skiped the articles you writed .that remand me of our foreginer teacher. we liked her very much .but we don’t have her contact messages after graduateed ….SIGH….
    I can feel you have some common on teaching methords and thought with our foreginer teacher …and I wanna send a invetation to you on the view of being friends ..but I failed ……

    best regards !


  2. Lucida Says:

    I found an error~
    its wrote ““`but not writed ..

  3. hanien Says:

    sorry for being late in my response that mainly cause its my first time to participate , what you wrote is very interesting especially when you are doing something and there is some one whio observing and watching you ,ithink such situation consist of different feelings and emotions anger ,fear anxious and to some extend happiness
    its require level of confidence and braveray and i think you getit all

  4. Ramki Says:

    Just I red your class which is coinside with my early experience In the past I am also given lecture to more than 60 peoples I know verywell you feelings than others. That requires utmost positive attitude otherwise you can’t give long session. suppose if you get any shy in middle of the topic then session definetely failure.

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