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Best Sites for Conversational English

We were happy to discover that over the weekend we were named one of the top three sites for learning conversational English by Larry Ferlazzo, king of ESL website reviews and best of lists.

This is our first appearance on one of Larry’s lists and it makes sense since it’s a pretty general category, and like Larry says, we offer “the works.” A lot of the rest of the top eight was new to me. One site I particularly liked was ELLLO (English Language Listening Library Online). Their dialogs are pretty similar to ours and I think they’re improvised too. But their cast speaks a heck of a lot slower!

A commenter on the post brought up a good idea that I’d like to see on English, baby! someday: live chat rooms. Our chat rooms are one of the most popular features on the site, but they’re for typing. What if we had chat rooms that used a Skype-like platform so people could talk in real time? That would be cool.

Image: Larry Ferlazzo’s mug as seen on his site.

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