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U.S. Presidential Election – International Poll

We’ve been very interested to see what the international community thinks about the upcoming U.S. presidential election. After years of watching global opinion of the U.S. slide, there seems to be a good amount of optimism for the future.

We ran our first U.S. Presidential election poll back in June of 2007 and saw that 55% of our members favored Hillary Clinton as the next president, with 22% favoring Obama, and 7% favoring Giuliani. The Clinton name is very recognizable around the world and it’s understandable that she would be the favorite among our members.

We posted our second U.S. Presidential election poll in February 2008 and the numbers flipped. We now see 55% of our members in favor of Obama, 35% for Clinton, and 7% for McCain. It seems as though there’s something about Obama’s message that’s resonating with the world.

I had the opportunity to see Obama speak in Portland the other day and was definitely impressed. Even got a nice handshake from the Illinois senator. Clinton is coming through town this weekend and I look forward to watching her as well.

We’re going to keep close tabs on our members’ opinions as the democratic race continues, and then follow the general election. It should be an interesting ride and with the world getting flatter, international opinion matters more than ever.

Check out the Ebaby! lesson about the election.

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3 Responses to “U.S. Presidential Election – International Poll”

  1. US Presidential Election - International Poll Says:

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  2. Jacq Says:

    It seems as though the international community prefers Obama, while at home in the USA it is still unclear who US citizens want more. I’m curious as to how citizens in Australia see each canidate’s political views.

  3. Kim Says:

    Though I would like to see Obama win the polls, has anyone wondered how things were shaping up if you put Obama and Biden together?

    Obama-Closely resembles Osama
    Biden-Closely resembles Bin Laden (BI-DEN)

    It will be Obama & Biden ruling America !

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