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Learning English is Simple, Just Have Fun

We recently found a good article in the Shanghai Daily about how so many learners are taking the fun out of learning English. Does it have to be so painstaking, and is there proof that no-fun learning is more efficient?

It’s amazing to me that most people believe learning English and having fun are mutually exclusive. After years of painfully trying to learn the language by memorizing grammar rules, how often do students end up at the promiseland of fluency? Rarely.

People are trained that the harder they work at something, the greater the rewards. I agree with this principle and if your end goal is to be really good at diagramming sentences, then work hard and study them every night.

However, most learners aren’t studying English to analyze sentences or become linguists. They want to communicate, interact, and socialize – and here’s the key – with other people.

While books and rules remain important to build a sound foundation for the English language, genuine human engagement will take learners to the communication level they desire.

The best part about the social component of learning English is that it makes learning fun. Take any hobby or interest that involves other people and do it in English, making the language part of your lifestyle. Instead of spending nights memorizing arbitrary vocabulary lists, join a bowling league, hang out at a sports bar, or find your nearest hiking club. The possibilities for practice are endless. You’ll feel your improvement every day and even have some fun at the same time.

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3 Responses to “Learning English is Simple, Just Have Fun”

  1. Yeri Ekomunajat Says:

    I strongly agree with John Hayden’s comment. I can confirm it with my own experience. I have learnt grammar dan vocabulary for long time, but my communication ability never improve. I keep using the same words or repeating the same sentence many times when talking. People become bored with it. Learning grammar will help us when we want to take a test for example TOEFL or TOEIC. But when it come to talking with people in English, remembering grammatical rules will hinder us from talking fluently. We must focus more on ideas and the way it is expressed through natural English. For example, I like talking about sex and I learn many terms about sex whether it is taboo or the polite ones. When I became a liaison officer for an ASEAN taekwondo championship with referees from Vietnam and Malaysia. We can talk fluently with each other because all of us like sex. Although my pronunciation is poor, they enjoy our time and we burst into laughter many times during our conversation. So, the key in learning English is use English to express your thought and feeling through speaking and writing. Treat English as a means of communication and socialization instead of a big task to take. Bravo English baby.

  2. baby Says:

    Nice website!!

  3. Tim Baumhoer Says:

    I’ve been to your site a few times and I can’t help but notice how helpful it is. I’ve been searching Google for tips and how-to articles. Yours is one of the best that I’ve found and I will definitely be coming back.

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