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Americans Listening to Ebaby! Members

We’ve run a few surveys on English, baby! recently about the U.S. presidential election. As the race for the closely contested democratic nomination gets closer to the end, it looks like the opinion of some undecided Americans might be swayed by members of our site.

The Oregonian, Oregon’s daily newspaper, ran an article today titled, “World’s young adults say ‘Barack, baby!,” which covers the thoughts of our members regarding the election and who should win. While our first survey last year had Clinton in the lead, the current survey shows that opinion has flipped and Obama is now the favorite.

As the people of our world become more connected, major decisions such as presidential elections of all nations become more important to everyone. And to have the opinions of our members published here in the U.S. is a sign that Americans do care about foreign relations and our contribution to making the world a better place.

Our polls were also picked up by the World Wants Obama Coalition‘s website in a post called Swing to Obama among English language students. Their site helps explain the drastic shift in world opinion about our election. There have been Obama rallies around the world, like this one in France.

It’s so interesting to hear a mix of French and Obama’s slogan, “Yes we can!” We’re glad that we have been able to quantify some of the global attention to this election and that the American media is taking an interest in it.

Image: from the Oregonian’s home page.

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  1. Chris Says:

    At the beginning of the campaign Obama was not well-known. Now he is a favourite among coloured people which are in their majority users of the English baby site!!!

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