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Gordon Brown wants everyone to learn English

Gordon Brown had some interesting things to say about the English language on his recent trip to the U.S. According to The Press Association he is trying to encourage more people around the world to learn English.

The Wall Street Journal reported Brown saying that he’d like to see the US and UK work together on the initiative and “strive to make the international language that happens to be our own far more freely available across the world.”

It seems that Brown sees multiple advantages to the US/UK initiative, including a reason for the two countries to work together, encouraging use of the language we already know, and “bringing people together.”

What the article didn’t mention was the benefit to the learners around the world who might actually get more access to English as it becomes more “freely available” through a cooperation of this nature.

Hopefully learners get the most value in this deal and are given the opportunity to drive the process. Has the British council asked them how they would like more access to the English language? If this partnership materializes, we’d like to see the groups begin with feedback from learners, then provide what’s most needed.

We’d also love to help.

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