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Taking English Lessons to the Streets

All the interesting people I met on my trip to Turkey inspired a new kind of lesson that debuted last week. It’s so new, we’re not even sure what we’re going to call it yet! We’ve been calling them “interviews” or “taking it to the streets” around the office.The idea is that I’ll interview real Americans and make lessons out of our conversations. All of our English lessons are improvised so that our members can be exposed to real, conversational English. But this new type of lesson will expose the members to a wider variety of voices and slices of American culture.The first interview lesson was with a lovely woman named Amanda who works at a local video arcade that is also a bar called Ground Kontrol. I decided to put up her interview first because she did such a good job of speaking clearly and using good vocab words. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone annunciate “buttons” so well! Check out the video.

The next lesson goes up on Monday but you can get watch the video below. It’s an interview with Devan and my former roommate Matt, who works at a guitar store called Old Town Music.

These interviews were inspired by Studs Terkel’s book Working, in which he interviews people about their jobs. But the next lesson, which is slated for a week or two down the road (but once again the video is below) probably represents the way we’re going to go with this concept. It’s an interview with a motorcycle rider, but the most compelling part is when he takes a moment to talk about himself and says that riding motorcycles is how he find his “freedom, peace and serenity.”

At John‘s suggestion, I’m going to make future interviews more personal and more about the subjects. It should be fun because I love hearing people talk about their lives. It’s something I’ve done on my personal blog as well.Anyway, we’d love any input you have about this new type of lesson, so comment or send me an Ebaby! message via my profile. Photo: Yes, my jacket was picked to look like Ron Burgundy.

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