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Teach English, Then Improve the News

I was surprised to read an article titled “Switch to Espanol” in the Washington Post yesterday that claimed it might be “time for our political leaders to turn off the English-language TV and encourage good citizens to learn Spanish.”

Joe Mathews, the author, says that all 3 presidential candidates and the governor of California are wrong for believing that English should be the official language of the U.S. Why? Because the quality of Spanish local news is higher than English local news in Los Angeles.

Joe is obviously missing the point. Obama, Clinton, McCain, and Schwarzenegger all agree that it’s necessary for the residents of our country to learn English so that our country functions in a more efficient and unified manner. For us to tackle our immigration issues, English must be the official language and we must do everything we can to support those who are learning it. The better non-native English speakers living in the U.S. are at speaking the language, the more they can contribute not only to our country, but to the well-being of their own families.

I’m all for trying to improve the quality of local news content. And the next language I learn will be Spanish. But we absolutely cannot confuse that topic with one much more important and pressing for us as a nation – helping people assimilate into our country, culture, and language.

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