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Book Review: "How Are U?"

One of the hardest things about learning a language is the fear of making mistakes.  Of course, the environment of so many students working together here on English, baby! makes it easier to avoid a confidence problem. But I suspect that there are many out there who are afraid to type because they know it won’t be perfect.

Well, I’d like to share a cool little hand-printed book I recently came across. It’s by a woman named Raquel Machín Herrero from Madrid who came to Portland for three months. I  really like the title: “How Are U?” since that’s always the first phrase you learn in a language. The back cover even says “Fine, thanks,” even though the book is all about how the author is not fine exactly.

The book is a beautifully illustrated short guide to Herrero’s trip to Portland and the problems she encountered, most of which arise from lack of money. The book even spells out a special message about that when you look at it from a distance.

Here’s my favorite page. I like it because Herrero’s boyfriend is a local musician I know and I think the picture of him standing next to the records and nagging her is funny.

You’ll notice that the English isn’t perfect, but that’s actually part of the charm. Not only was Herrero not afraid to make a few mistakes, but they endear her book to me. Phrases like “for study here” really give her text a memorable voice.

So anyway, of course you wouldn’t want to make mistakes on purpose, but I think that as long as you can get your point across, you shouldn’t worry about mistakes. Eventually your mistakes will go away, and until they do, they can be a lovable little quirk.

2 Responses to “Book Review: "How Are U?"”

  1. Jewel Says:

    This is awesome. I love it. So beautiful.

  2. Emery Asrari Says:

    Lovely the girl in my dreams, hmm Thanks!

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