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Cellphones in the Classroom II

So I have to report back on how well my new cellphone policy works. It is kind of amazing. I didn’t explicitly tell students that my policy changed, but I started encouraging them to use cellphones at different parts of class. After what happened in my last class, I am convinced that cellphones are an asset.


We have a big test coming up, but the students still have lives and jobs. So sometimes they have to miss class. Well, yesterday two of my most dedicated students missed class and I wanted to know what was going on and make sure they got the information. The solution came really quickly! A student took out his cellphone, texted the missing students, realized they were at work, and sent them pictures of the chalkboard. The missing students wrote back some questions about the things on the board. I was sold! Cellphones have the power to bring the classroom anywhere!


Now, imagine if I had a great classroom website. They could view that at work on their cellphones. But I am not there yet. Cellphones will have to do for now.

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One Response to “Cellphones in the Classroom II”

  1. Yayan Says:

    In my country (Indonesia), cellphones are still used for communication and fun, but not for learning, although in many cellphone’s types we can find supporting programs for learning. They don’t realize it. I think it’s good idea if I can make some researh on the use of cellphones for learning.

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