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Yum, That's Delicious! Social Bookmarking.

I have talked about using social networking sites in the classroom (and so has John). But today I would like to highlight del.icio.us. Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking site. Instead of saving your favorite websites as links on your computer, you can save them online and share them with the world. It is so easy to use del.icio.us. First, you set-up an account and put two little buttons in your toolbar.

From there, it is pretty simple. Every time you want to save a great website, you click the “Tag” button and put in some tags or keywords. And it is saved and everyone can view your favorite links. Browse my links at: del.icio.us/mitchelk

Here is a YouTube video about using del.icio.us

Here are some classroom uses:

Research Projects

  • Create a network and share your materials.

ESL Reading Assignments

  • Identify a webpage’s topic and subtopics. Use topic and subtopic as tags.
  • Summarize webpage. Write the summary in the del.icio.us note section.

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