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A Good Teacher, My Students' Definition

Do you ever wonder how your students are grading you? Or what they really want from you? To begin the new term, we made posters of what it meant to be a good student, a good group member and a good teacher. To me, the most interesting poster was what it meant to be a good teacher. Look at their poster!

A good teacher:

  • is on time
  • respects students
  • helps students
  • makes students happy
  • has good behavior
  • is a friend to students
  • teaches well
  • explains the work
  • makes students do group work
  • is happy

Some of these qualities were exactly the same as the qualities they listed for a good student. They thought both good students and teachers should be “on time,” “respect” one another, and have “good behavior.” To me these answers were the least thought out and the most generic. (Although they are true.)

I was more excited by how important students thought happiness was. They said a good teacher was happy, that a teacher should make students happy and that students and teachers should be friends. I guess, I am pretty lucky that I love my job and my students because my students think that is a big part of being a good teacher. And sometimes all I have is my love for the job. Luckily, that is enough. So if you aren’t happy with teaching right now, take this holiday weekend to relax. Because your students expect a happy teacher. And they deserve one too.

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2 Responses to “A Good Teacher, My Students' Definition”

  1. jasonsimms Says:

    This is so true. I had a teacher in Spain who wasn’t happy and it made me unhappy. Such a bummer to have to hang out with her every morning. It felt like she was infecting me with her angst.

  2. Valeria Says:

    The teachers teach and we learn but sometimes the teacher must learn from us. The teacher once time was a guy/girl and so he cans learn about the modernity generation.
    I like so’ much my english teacher ’cause he teaches us with something funny or listenin’ english music or speak with our partner in english and so we can learn the english that a american/britis/other speak all days and not only grammar or somethings that we think are so’ boring.
    Be happy guys/girls and if you don’t like your teacher, teach him how he can be a better teacher.

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