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English, baby! Unveils Olympic Uniforms

A few days ago, the Chinese Olympic team unveiled their uniforms, much to the dismay of many Chinese bloggers. The new uniforms are being called old-fashioned, but I think they’re totally retro and look great!

In any case, it seems high time to unveil our uniforms. Check out John and myself modeling the logo track jersey with matching shorts and wrist and headbands. I took the new outfit for a test drive in downtown Portland recently for a video shoot and turned more than a few heads. I wonder how much these outfits will stand out on the streets of Beijing.


2 Responses to “English, baby! Unveils Olympic Uniforms”

  1. jiimionad Says:

    nice, definitely

  2. spandex | English, baby! Blog Says:

    […] you’d be a little embarrassed to wear in public” carries over from our 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics uniforms. I think that wearing silly outfits helps encourage people we meet to participate in our videos. […]

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