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ESL Lessons with Note cards

Some people love worksheets, but I love note cards. No matter what the lesson is, I can always find a way to use note cards to improve my ESL lessons. I have already talked about using slips of paper or note cards for grouping activities. But here are more ideas:

  1. Use note cards to practice word order in questions and sentences. I put each part of speech on a different colored card and then let students play around making sentences and questions. The colors help them “see” the difference in word order.
  2. Note cards are great for beginning and advanced writers because they can rearrange their ideas and correct mistakes without having to start over. Have students write each sentence of a paragraph (or essay) on a note card. You can also use this as a brainstorming activity. Then have them arrange the sentences in order (or for essays into paragraphs) and write a topic sentence and conclusion. If you’re working with advanced ESL students, after they “finish,” give them three or four more cards and have them add details, reasons and examples. Some students feel really comfortable and accomplished on note cards. They end up with a big stack of cards that they can play around with.
  3. I always use note cards when I talk about conjunctions. I create some cards with sentences on them. On different colored note cards, I put conjunctions and commas. Students play around with the cards rearranging the sentences, commas and conjunctions. It is really fun!

Generally, note cards are good because they let students move around and experiment. It is also really easy to use color well on note cards. Note cards help so many different kinds of learners. That’s why I use them at least one a week!

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One Response to “ESL Lessons with Note cards”

  1. jan Says:

    That is a interesting way of learning.
    This type of learning is used to teach people with dyslexia.
    It helps them to see the words when used on coloured cards.

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