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Wiki Summer Camp

It was so exciting as a kid to start summer camp. And let me tell you, as an adult, it is still exciting. This week I joined pbwiki’s summer camp for educators. Pbwiki is a simple place to make a quick publishing, collaborative website. I have been excited about my class’ wiki for the entire school year, but I need more ideas.

So for the next six weeks, I will be going to summer camp along with a thousand other educators. Together we will complete weekly assignments, learn how to maximize our wikis’ features and earn cool free stuff. If you’re interested, please sign up. It should be fun.

This week on our wiki, the students used the wiki to teach the world about English simple past. They even recorded little descriptions of simple past pronunciation rules with example sentences. Besides the recordings, our wiki is pretty simple looking. So I am excited to go to camp and learn how to do more exciting things.

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