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Fake Cancer Makes for Real Emotions

In case you were wondering, Devan doesn’t actually have breast cancer. I was trying to think of where to take the soap opera. We’ve done more than 40 episodes now and almost all of them are about love (even Devan’s drug addiction was a result of unrequited love).

Part of the English, baby! mission is to always deliver a positive message. So, after reading a story about AIDS survivors in the Oprah Magazine, I decided a survival story would be a good way to go (not to ruin the surprise for you…I suppose Devan’s character could end up not making it if she decides to quit or something).

So I decided to ask the cast who should get cancer at the next session (we meet about once a month), but guess who didn’t show up that day? Yes, that’s how Devan ended up getting both cancer and a drug addiction and a broken heart. Let me tell you, she wasn’t happy about this new development.

But I think she’s doing a great job with it. Her acting is actually really good in the latest video. And she has no formal training or experience! It looks like a fictional case of breast cancer was just the motivation she needed.

Image: A recent photo of Devan with lots of hair. Did the rag fool you?

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    I’ve heard some good things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

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