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End of the ESL Class: 3 Cakes and Tears

Cake and tears don’t usually go well together. But sometimes things aren’t purely sweet. Last week was the last ESL class of the year for me and my students. It was definitely bittersweet.

Students brought three cakes, two pizzas, Somalian food, Mexican food and chips. It was a huge amount of food for the ten of us! But the students wouldn’t have had it any other way. They are so generous and caring. Everyone was so excited to celebrate.

Sadly, their caring nature didn’t mean they could pass the tests. And before the party could start, we had to tell the students who had passed and who had failed. In our department, their grade is based solely on three final exams. So it can really be a surprise.

And it was hard for some of them to enjoy the good company and food after crying.  I don’t know, I love all of my students and I wish we could have all been joyous together. Maybe next year. This year our end of the year party was a bit of a flop. I don’t like to see tears!

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