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Lessons from a Certified Wiki Educator! And Wonderful Web Tools

A few hundred other educators and I have spent the summer doing wiki summer camp. A program put on by the PBwiki team to help educators better use wikis in the classroom. It has been so exciting; read my first rave here. Well, this week was the end of camp and besides my cool new badge, I got a lot out of camp.

One of the most helpful pages was a list of some wonderful web tools to use in the classroom.  I really loved Go animate! There, you can make really cool animations that can be easily exported anywhere. Read an explanation and see an example from summer camp here. I am so inspired and simultaneously intimidated by it. I also loved bubbl.us. You can make very good flow-charts and visual aids and again easily save and share them. Like this one, describing my family and what my sister and I inherited.

These are just two of the fun things I learned during wiki summer camp. You can view my final project here and see some of the other cool gadgets in action.  Also look around the camp site at some other people’s work. I found it totally inspirational!

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