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Let the Celebrity Lessons Begin

Today is a very special day for English, baby! After years of lessons about musicians and movie stars, we have our first lesson featuring an actual star! (Note: Our encounter with Jared Leto in Beijing came close but he didn’t contribute any vocab or grammar to the video.) Check out today’s music lesson, Party Vocab with Municipal Waste.

Now, Municipal Waste aren’t huge stars, but I’m a big fan and they are starting to break into the mainstream here and there (they got a review in Spin and I’m pretty sure they’ve been on MTV). Plus, the English lesson they could contribute was a no brainer. Who better to teach our members how to shotgun a beer?

So all in all, Municipal Waste turned out to be the perfect place to start my quest to get more and more artists to actually appear on the site. Bless them for being the first one! Now I will use their lesson as the example when I ask other artists to be in our videos. It may be a while until we’re doing slang lessons from the red carpet at award shows and breaking celebrity news with exclusive interviews, but today marks a small step in that direction.

If you feel like celebrating, watch the video and get wasted!

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4 Responses to “Let the Celebrity Lessons Begin”

  1. ziggy Says:

    He was just tourist shopping and you crashed in on his fun with a camera

  2. Jason Simms Says:

    Well, yes, but Jared Leto is technically the first famous person to actually appear in an English, baby! lesson. And that’s why I’m so excited about Municipal Waste. We didn’t have to steal the footage!

  3. mousami Says:

    English is an universal language. We must practice the English then only we will be able to speak it fluently without any mistake.


    Sreevysh Corp

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