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New Teachers Speak Out!

by kevindooley

Do you remember what it was like the first time you taught a class? Were you scared? Were the students wonderful or less than endearing?

Being a new teacher is hard. One of the best things to do is reflect. New teachers need to spend a lot of time reflecting on what works and doesn’t work with students. Even experienced teachers need to do that! But new teachers have so much to think about as they begin to guide students’ learning. And hopefully lead to their success.

If you want, you might share your experiences about when you first started. Leave a comment; I would love it. Otherwise, I have been reading two wonderful blogs by foreign language student teachers at the University of South Carolina (read this one or this one). As an adult ESL teacher, it is wonderful to hear their fresh perspective and hear about teaching in a wildly different context, like a bilingual Kindergarten.

So really this post is a “shout out” to the students at SC who are putting their stories out there for us to read about. It’s great!

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