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Zeus and Kinski's First Anniversary

As of last Sunday, Zeus and Kinski–the couple who met on English, baby!–have been married for a year. If it seems too soon it’s because we saved the video of their wedding for a Valentine’s Day release.

I wrote to Zeus, aka Faruk, to ask if he could write something brief about his anniversary for the site:

Hi Jason,
Thanks for your nice behaving for our first anniversary.Yes, if we were well we would do it but we are sick (flu) and on the bed, What an anniversary this is 🙁 Just we can say, our marriage goes on perfect, Hope everybody has a marriage like ours 🙂 Thanks God for this. And? what else? that’s all. Take care. Be happy and healthy.
Anastasiya and Faruk

It’s a shame they’re sick on their anniversary, but it sounds like everything is going well for them! I’m so glad that English, baby! not only produced a marriage, but healthy one.

Even though it’s been a year since I visited them, I still find myself talking about Zues, Kinski and Turkey to my friends at least once a week or so. I went hoping to get a few shots of their wedding and wound up spending four entire days with them. Since I had such an insider’s view on Turkey, I feel like a got a clearer sense of it than the short time I spent there would imply.

I mean, I rarely bring up Italy or the Czech Republic even though I’ve actually spent more time in those places. It just goes to show that it really pays to make friends before you visit a place. But you won’t find better friends than Zeus and Kinski.

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