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Alternate Election Lessons

I just finished putting up a lesson about the election results. Since the cast only meets once a month to record our improvised English lesson dialogs, it had to be taped in advance, and since we didn’t know how the election was going to go, we taped a few versions (although interestingly enough, the English vocab for each was roughly the same).

The first one we did was if McCain won the election. Mason and Marni did a great job of pretending–so great in fact that they kind of scared themselves. “That was really eerie,” Marni said afterward. Keep in mind, these are unedited sound files, and not up the usual Ebaby! standard of quality.

Then we did the one we wound up using, the version for an Obama victory. The acting was really good on this one too. Although it was taped in advance, I think it really captured the mood of the day after the election. People were shooting off fireworks and honking their car horns well into the night in Portland.

After we made the first two lessons, we realized there was a third possibility. Everyone remembers 2000, when the election was a toss-up for a full month. So we recorded another version to be used in the event of another such quagmire. Notice how Marni just randomly decides that it’s Ohio that’s delaying the results. I guess I would have had to edit that out if it were New Mexico.

Thank goodness I knew exactly which sound file I’d be editing today! The thought of going through another month of indecision made me weary.

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2 Responses to “Alternate Election Lessons”

  1. ed Says:

    So eerie to hear what might have been (but luckily wasn’t)!

  2. sabina Says:

    no commet
    everything good for us
    god bless all the world

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