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Confessions of a Tech Junkie

Ibrookenovak called this post “the confessions of a tech junkie.” But I still have a hard time imagining myself like that because I used to be a real technophobe.  Actually, I was a technophobe when I started using technology in my ESL class. The students got me so excited and now look at me. I am a tech junkie. Look at what I do (outside of teaching):

At home and at work, my computer is always on. Almost all day, I listen to music online or on iTunes. At work, the internet and basic office programs are necessary. They make me more efficient, for one, and I am also an avid learner of new technology. Technology helps me learn. At home, I use the computer to learn and to socialize. I do research online. I am part of several professional social networks through ning, like Classroom 2.0. I monitor other teachers’ delicious accounts (a place to list your favorite sites) to see what sites they like. I join online classes through thinkfinity and other sites. I watch television online.
So maybe I am a tech junkie. But I didn’t always used to be like this. Over the last three years, work has pushed me to be more technological. Now, I find it so exciting.  Maybe the same thing will happen to you. If being an ESL teacher makes you embrace technology, I bet just about every other job will soon too.


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