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Ebaby! on Boomster Teach Abroad Post

I was recently quoted as a source on teaching abroad in a post on boomster.com by Pam Baker.  It brought back some old memories about the time I spent in Japan and how our company got started. Here’s the full email I sent her for the post.

I taught in Japan right out of college and the experience led me to start a company that now helps a million people learn English.  Unlike many people who find a package deal that provides housing and a visa, I arrived in Tokyo in 1997 with the plan of teaching English until I found a job in business. I was able to switch teaching jobs several times over  six months until I got one I really liked and that paid well.

Shortly after, I began working for Hitachi, but I never forgot how eager all my students were to learn English and know more about American culture. In 2001 I returned to the US and co-founded English, baby! (englishbaby.com), which is now used by 1 million people to learn English through popular culture.

Teaching abroad can be very rewarding, but it can become a dead end after a while. I think it’s good to keep your flexibility so that you can make sure you have the best experience possible, and to always be thinking about how that experience can help you at whatever you do next. When we hire people to write lessons for our site, one of the main qualifications we consider is if the candidate has taught abroad and what they gained from their experience.


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