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A Teacher's Resolutions

AndyketI have had my fair share of teaching revelations over the last year and hopefully I have really learned from each of them. They have made me realize how I can improve. Next year, I have six teaching resolutions:

  1.  Integrate students’ personal and work lives into the curriculum.
  2.  Increase students’ computer literacy through active use of technology.
  3.  Present grammar rules and information deductively. (Let them figure it out.)
  4.  Tap into students’ motivation to learn English.
  5.  Share my lesson plans with other teachers in a consistent and organized way.
  6.  Continue to love what I am doing.

Some of these resolutions aren’t exactly new. I talk about using technology all the time and I have mentioned integrating students’ careers into the classroom. Still, this is my list. My list of resolutions. Keep checking back as I work on each of these resolutions. If anyone has any advice, please tell me. Especially with sharing lesson plans and connecting with other teachers!

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3 Responses to “A Teacher's Resolutions”

  1. EOBL Says:

    thanks god there`s people like teachers in the world. especially english teachers

  2. lecol Says:

    it is good! cheering!

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