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What type of a tech person are you?

Technology users come in all shapes and sizes. In my last post, I called myself a tech junkie. That makes me sound a little crazy. What techie type are you? The PEW/Internet Project has a thorough set of tech types. (I am an omnivore. I like that language. I consume it all. I love it all.  In typical internet fashion, PEW updated their site and changed the quiz omnivores no loner exist– they are now called “digital collaborators” I think. )

Read about the different types identified by PEW here (And take the PEW Internet quiz here).

You might have an idea about where you fit, but take the PEW Internet Typology quiz for yourself.  Then, tell me what type you are. Knowing a little more about the relationship you have with technology can help you figure out what learning tools are best for you as a teacher or student of English!

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