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Ebaby! Love Story: Doni and Nelly

People often act like the only way to meet someone online is through a dating site. But in a lot of ways, the Internet is just like real life–if you do the things that interest you, you’re likely to meet people while doing them.

I bring this up not only because Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, but because we just learned that another international couple met on English, baby! and is going to be married. Last year around this time we brought you the story of a Turkish man and Ukranian woman who met while learning English on our site and decided to get married. They welcomed me at their wedding to make a video. I checked in with them on their first anniversary and I’m happy to say things are going quite well.

But now I’d like to introduce you to Doni (real name: Donato), an economics teacher who lives in Switzerland and Nelly (real name: Lamia), a travel agent who lives in Algeria. They first met while practicing their language skills in the English, baby! chat rooms in 2007 and plan to be married this November.

They got together in person for the first time last summer. Nelly tells the story:

We first met in Serbia when I went to spend my holidays on Jun 2008. It was the last three days of my vacation that he came. I was waiting him with my uncle in Belgrade airport. My heart was beating quickly because I was so impatient to see him. When he arrived and I saw him. I was too too happy. We spend an unforgettable three days in Dolovo countryside. There he saw my parents and I introduced him my relatives…we spend all the moments we have together.

Since then, she has visited him in Switzerland and he her in Algeria. They actually hadn’t heard about our Turkrainian couple and didn’t think they’d ever fall in love online. “I have never imagined that something like that can happen via the net,” says Lamia.

Aren’t they so cute? They’re both 26 years old. The above photo was taken in Switzerland. Here’s one from Algeria:

And one from Serbia:

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29 Responses to “Ebaby! Love Story: Doni and Nelly”

  1. Natasha Says:

    wow, it’s really unbelievable, but it just happened. so awesome!
    when will it be my turn, oh, god!

  2. Natasha Says:

    it is such a happy marriage, and so romantic,
    My best wishes to you.

  3. mounir Says:

    very lovely story .may god help them to have sweet days and long life.
    sinverly MOUNIR

  4. joe boye Says:

    oh what a lovely marrage,may the goodlord bless it for you?happy valentine to you all?bye.

  5. koenz Says:

    Nice history, I hope be a lucky person like Doni, when he got a pretty women like Nelly.
    Share your tips to me, Please ^_^

  6. Chandler Says:

    They are so cute.wooo.Romantic story!It is hard to believe it.Maybe I will try my best to find the ture love on the internet too.Who know what will happen,man.hahaha

  7. Ireedui Says:

    hi My names Ireedui Im 21 years old I lived with father youngersister in the Mongolia I born in the Mongolia I study Iwant go to Switzerland Please me My phone 88085022 or welcome to in the Mongolia please

  8. Ivy Says:

    with my best wishes for you !

  9. Jenny Says:

    What a story!Bless you a happy life!

  10. dagmawit Says:

    Oh ma god!!!what a beautiful,lovely,… what ever adjective we used 2 describe this very fabilous thing!that is very very nice 4 u guess 2 get married and i wish u the happiest moments in ur life.and a very BIG wish 4 ur valentines day 4 u guess.loved it.best wishes,bye.

  11. Alan Says:

    I like it too, its a really hopefull love story, two minds in contact, reality is always better then dreams.

  12. Tornado Says:

    Hope your have a good life

  13. Happy Says:

    Best wishes to you !

  14. nel Says:

    hi dear
    it’s me nanel
    i wish you every succes in your love story
    happy valentine’s day
    gig kiss for nelly and donato
    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    and more babieeeeeeeees

  15. Nelly Says:


    Thanks to everybody.I am too happy I found my half in this site and hope each one of you will find a sincere and pure love..


  16. casiol :3 Says:

    best wishes 😀

    woow….ebaby changed people’s life again ^^

  17. Irenka Says:

    It’s …unbelievable!But it’s true!After such beautiful stories life seems so wonderful!!!

  18. apricot_blossom Says:

    wow!!!,it’s cool,i wish, i would get a part of ur love stoty.hahah,bless you!!!!!!!

  19. aimal Says:

    I wish you all the best my friend lamia & her handsome donato u look so cuuute i love u

  20. Sharifah Says:

    That’s a great story. Its so sweet too.

  21. ORAN Says:

    May you have a pretty girl!

  22. David Demarchelier Says:

    I know both of them, they are so cute together, heys guys wish you all that happiness and joy 😉

  23. Retno Says:

    oh so sweet.. something happen in the world like cinderalla story.. so nice. Oh my God.. When My turn coming up

  24. nouray Says:

    i wish a happy life for you both and an everlasting love

  25. zhuoma Says:

    unbelievable,i wish they have a happy life!

  26. sajinika Says:

    hi,im realy happy abt bth of your love.god will keep you guyz happily forever.im also a lover,so cn feel it .i wish you gud luck 4ur future.

  27. Mickee Says:

    They are so cute together. I wish them a peaceful life.

  28. soma Says:

    how r u, spring is cooming! good post there, tnx for englishbabyblog.com

  29. SomatiK Says:

    hi, spring is cooming! good post there, tnx for englishbabyblog.com

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