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Ebaby! Polar Plunge Challenge

John is always telling me about shows he watches on TV about people who do dangerous or disgusting things to prove a point or just to prove a point or just to prove they’re fearless. He says the remind him of me because I do things like embarrass myself in front of NBA basketball teams or ask strangers for directions to a wedding in Istanbul.

But those things were warm.

On Saturday, John and I are going to jump into a freezing cold river with a lot of other people in strange costumes. It’s a fund raiser for the Special Olympics, an international athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities. It has medals and stuff, just like that other Olympics we went to last year.

But jumping into cold water doesn’t raise money on its own! People have to sponsor us. Click here to donate money or watch our progress. And watch for the video of our plunge soon!

2 Responses to “Ebaby! Polar Plunge Challenge”

  1. vioclub Says:

    how was the plunge going? any sponsors yet?

  2. jasonsimms Says:

    It went well! We made this video out of the experience: http://www.englishbaby.com/lessons/4872

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