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Language Learners Love to Love

Guess which of our nearly 3000 English lessons has the most comments? Last year’s Will You Be My Valentine lesson is the winner with 230. I think it has a lot to do with that hilarious photo (thanks, iStockphoto)!

This year we have a whole series of Valentine’s lessons planned for next week, but our members beat us to it with a love poem forum thread. The topic of romance is definitely a favorite among Ebaby! members. Almost every week we feature at least one, sometimes two lessons about relationships and dating. The response to our Crush on a Friend lesson was so positive that it inspired us to start a soap opera that’s now on its 58th episode. The most popular episodes and plot lines are ones where couples get together, like the first time Mason realizes he likes Amanda and when Marni starts her long-distance relationship with a guy she met online. My favorite episodes to act in were actually the ones where my attempts at romance were failing, and people liked those too.

And don’t forget the most popular of all pages on the site, our Turkrainian Wedding video.

I think it’s really great that this topic is so popular. I was just reading today about how you can get in trouble for kissing in public in India, so it’s kind of amazing that despite great cultral differences about love and dating, people from all over the world can relate to stories about it.

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5 Responses to “Language Learners Love to Love”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Do you think that the two who meet each other online can be together in real life?

  2. pampi Says:

    o my god!it’s funny the fotography.

  3. Ebaby! Love Story: Doni and Nelly | English, baby! Blog Says:

    […] bring this up not only because Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, but because we just learned that another international couple met on […]

  4. Fernando Says:

    guys That pic is awesome, I mean, really funny.

  5. hadeel Says:

    happy valintine evry body

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