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New Lesson Layout on English, baby!

It’s nice when making the site a better place to learn also makes it look cooler. We’ve got some new ESL teacher brain power on our team at Ebaby! these days, so we’ve changed the way our lessons look to help people learn more from them. We hope you’ll find this looks nicer than our old layout too (it could be quite a bit of words all on one page).

Now each part of the lesson (intro, dialog, grammar, quiz, discussion) has a tab you can click on to see it. Each tab focuses on developing a different skills like building vocabulary and improving listening comprehension or grammar.

This new layout will also help you customize your learning and, we hope, get more out of our lessons. We find that the tab system encourages students to listen to the dialog multiple times, for maximum comprehension. Teachers can also use this format to make a lesson in which each part builds on the one before it.

Now members with free accounts can:

* Review vocab before you start a lesson.

* Easily go to a particular part of a lesson.

* Take the quiz and listen to the audio (or watch the video) without the dialog on the same page.

* Scroll down to the forum quicker. We hope more of you will share your thoughts on each lesson!

* Take the quiz without reading the dialog or without reading the discussion.

But people who are serious about learning English, or teachers who want to share these lesson with their classes, can do even more as Super Members! They can take a special vocab quiz, save vocab terms to learn later, print the lessons, download mp3s, or even ask questions of a live English teacher.

Go take a look at today’s lesson and tell us what you think of the way the lessons look now! We’d love to hear from you.

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One Response to “New Lesson Layout on English, baby!”

  1. Ramon Mora Says:

    i really like this new look of Ebaby web page,now is easier to use,all of us gonna be able to learn enlglish faster,easier.this new look is very useful,the best part is that all of the previous lessons have the new look…..good gob!

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