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Star English Teacher: nad1a

nad1aSince we added our user generated lessons feature about a year and a half ago, a lot of great teachers have posted some really cool stuff here on English, baby!. But one teacher stands out above the rest as the most frequent and most popular lesson creator. You may know her as nad1a but her real name is Nadeen. She lives in Bulgaria and recently answered some questions for us via email about making special lessons to match her students’ interests and using ESL resources on the Web.

Jason: How many languages do you speak and where did you learn them?

Nadeen: I speak 5 languages in total, at a different level, of course, but I guess I could get by just fine in any of them. These are English, Bulgarian, French, Greek and some Spanish. I am equally fluent in English and Bulgarian as I was born in Bulgaria but spent the most part of my life in the United States.

Jason: What’s a typical day in your class like?

Nadeen: The truth is that there is no ‘typical’ day in my class. I always try to bring some variety into the classroom so that people won’t get bored.

Most people don’t really study English for fun or because they like it, but they’re pressured by circumstances in one way or another. Children are forced by parents who are trying to equip their kids for their future education and careers. Adults are trying to land a better job, to upgrade their qualifications, or they are businessmen striving for better communication with their international partners etc. The only way to get them involved and grab their attention is to personalize the lesson.

I once had a teenage boy who hated having to learn English. I had to use the recommended grammar and vocabulary from his textbook to edit Internet articles and interviews and prepare exercises and activities centered around his own interests – hip-hop, soccer and graffiti. He was having fun and was learning English almost unaware of it.

Jason: Your English, baby! lessons are on all sorts of topics, from Beyonce to pronunciation. Where do you get the ideas for them? Which one do you think is your best?

Nadeen: Well, I won’t pretend to be some kind of genius here. It’s not like I make everything up by myself. I use various materials on the Internet or textbooks of my own. I get a lot of ideas from my interaction with my offline students. This may be a question I am asked, or an issue they show an interest in during the lesson, or a frequent mistake I notice. Sometimes I just come across something interesting on the Internet and decide to make a lesson out of it. So I elaborate on it, editing this material and adding my own touch to it, and share it on English, baby!

I can’t grade my own lessons and won’t be able to say which one is the best. I would say my favorite is “Learning languages: Myths and Truth”. It’s a fact that English baby members, though, seem to favor “The American Pronunciation of T“. It’s probably because most of them are fans of American English and it may also be something they’re lacking in their ESL classes.

Jason: What do you like about English, baby!? Do you use any other online English resources?

Nadeen: It’s a great place for both students and teachers. Students are exposed to real, natural English (which you are less likely to get from textbooks alone) in a wide range of contexts that they can relate to. Teachers can use lessons from the site pertinent to the material they cover in class to live up their lessons.

What most people seem to appreciate about English, baby!, however, is its being this huge social network, bringing people from all over the world together and giving people like Zeus and Kinski one more reason to be thankful for.

I also use VOA Special English, ESLdiscussions.com, esl-lab.com, UsingEnglish.com. I sometimes Google the topic or grammar point I want to cover and I accumulate material from different sites to use in the classroom or my individual lesson.

Jason: I looked at your photos and it looks like you have a son who plays some sports. How old is he? Do you think he could beat me in a challenge?

Nadeen: Yes, I have a 12-year-old son who is my pride and joy. His name is Roy. He plays for Olympiakos, a Greek soccer team. Right now he’s recovering from an injury on his knee and hasn’t been playing for a while, but when I asked him if he would play against you, he said: “Is he ready for that? Did you tell him this is European and not American football?”


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  1. DeaDNeSs Says:

    Nice Girl.. 😛

    that’s what am gonna say 😀

    if u want more email me 😛 😛

  2. elva Says:

    I like Nadeen very much. I am an english teacher in China, teaching english is my part-time job. the same problem that Nadeen prefered just now. I can learn a lot from her. She is a teriffic teacher.

  3. Jorge Says:

    Hi nadden I would like to practice my english and this is the ideal place to do it.Can you teach me or how to works?greetings

  4. mahmoud Says:

    hello my friend

  5. pastorcita7 Says:

    Hi! I would like to learn and prcatice more my Englihs, I have problem to communicate my ideas fluency and my pronuntiation is not so good. How I can improve them? If there are any way to communicate orally with yuo through e-mail, please tell me by e-mail

  6. Rene Says:

    i from venezuela , and I woulk like to learn to apeak in english. so i do not know so much. can you help me?

  7. Yula Says:

    Hi! I want to learn many language so i must learn english very well.speaking is very difficult for me but i like speaking exectly .How i can improve them? Can you teach me?thank you at first.please tell me by e-mail.

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    That was a good reading and informative. You obviously know your stuff!

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