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Beren Is Touring Europe!

Beren plays drums in a rock band called the Intelligence. She has been on tour before, though never outside the US. But starting next week, she’ll be traveling all over Europe playing shows for six weeks! Follow her adventures on her blog.

Take a look at the tour dates below. Is Beren coming to your city? You should go to the show and meet her! We promise she’s leaving her evil twin behind. She has some Ebaby! shirts and bracelets with her to give to Ebaby! members who come to her shows. You’ll be able to brag to your friends about meeting an Ebaby! cast member and you’ll match all the cool people we met in Beijing.

Apr 30 L’autre Canal in Nancy, France
May 1 Bunker in Bruxelles, Belgium
May 2 L’abordage in Evreux, France
May 4 Le Saint Des Seins in Toulouse, France
May 5 Live Factory in Nantes, France
May 6 Cave Aux Poetes in Roubais, France
May 7 La Peniche in Chalons sur Saone, France
May 8 Woodstock Boogie Bar in Limoges, France
May 9 La Cooperatice de Mai in Clermont Ferrant, France
May 11 Molodoi in Strasbourg, France
May 13 Point Ephemere in Paris, France
May 16 Confort Moderne in Poitier, France
May 21 La Cupa in Ancona, Italy
May 22 Festaintenda in Mortegliano, Italy
May 23 Beat Cafe in San Salvo, Italy
May 25 Bomberena in Tolosa, Spain
May 26 Wurlitzer Ballroom in Madrid, Spain
May 27 Side Car in Barcelona, Spain
May 28 Magazine Club in Valencia, Spain
May 30 Festival Mixed Up in Beauvais, France
May 31 Le Sambre in Rennes, France
Jun 1 Vlas Vegas Festival in Korttrijk, Belgium
Jun 2 Bar Mundial in Antwerp, Belgium
Jun 4 Boat Music Festival in Stockholm, Sweden
Jun 5 Debaser Medi in Stockholm, Sweden
Jun 6 Gloria Flames in Oslo, Norway
Jun 7 Loppen in Copenhagen, Denmark
Jun 8 Musikhuset Elaerket in Helsinki, Finland
Jun 10 Sonic Ballroom in Cologne, Germany
Jun 11 Paradisio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jun 12 Patronnat in Haarlem, The Netherlands
Jun 13 Aucard de Tour in Tours, France

Watch the Intelligence’s MySpace for changes in tour dates. Here’s a photo of Beren with one of the shirts you can have if you meet up with her.

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  1. Ahmet Says:

    I meet you. If you like . I live in turkey.
    I want to improve my english. Could you help me… See you soon.

  2. micblume Says:

    I see you’ll be in bruxelle May 1st. If you want to say BRUXELLES, that’s the capital of Belgium. And Belgium is not yet joined to France.
    have a nice trip in Europe

    michel from france

  3. Aidrous Says:

    me aidrous

  4. Hassan Says:

    plz call me

  5. Ramy Says:

    Hi, it seems u’ve never visited egypt !
    i look forward to seeing u !
    bye ….

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