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Language Learning on Your iPhone

The iPhone has an app that makes the screen look like a cowbell and makes a ‘ding!’ sound whenever you tap it. It also has an app that makes the screen look like a glass of beer, which you can pour out. So you’d better believe it has apps to help you with all the different aspects of learning a language. In fact, the folks at onlinecollegedegree.org compiled 50 of them in a recent post.

Of course there are the simple translators you’d expect, but there are some definite standouts. Take the idiom dictionary. That’s got to come in handy. When I travel and speak to non-native speakers, they commonly say, “Please, don’t use any slang!” So if they’re around someone they don’t feel comfortable asking to alter their speech, they could just slyly plug anything that doesn’t make sense to them into this app as if they’re sending a text.

But definitely the one that sounds most interesting to me is the Translator with Voice. While a lot of online dictionaries have an audio component, I feel that this app is one step closer to realizing sci-fi fantasy I hope to see in my lifetime. When, oh when! will there be an app that automatically translates whatever you say? You know what I’m talking about, the universal translator. We definitely need to invent that before we invent deep space travel. iPhone developers, go!

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