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Thanks a Million

Since we just hit one million members last week, we decided to make a week’s worth of lessons that had to do with the number one million. It doesn’t sound to hard, right? It’s a number you hear a lot. But once we had What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?, a lesson about the millions made by celebrities and a lesson about the lottery, we started to notice a trend. What would make a good one-million topic that didn’t have to do with money?

Of course! The phrase “thanks a million“! It pretty much sums how we feel about the occasion–very grateful that a more than a million people around the world have chosen to learn on English, baby! and give us a reason to what we enjoy doing! A lot of people in the comments of the lesson were sweet enough to say, “thanks a million!” right back at us.

There were also a lot of good shout outs to other things people are grateful for. One member Colombia, andrescisneros, said “thanks a million” to his mother who, “who knows about my needs.” Amido Hernan Rios, also from Colombia, is thankful for “persons who are protecting our planet against air pollution, water pollution, land soil pollution, etc…” A member from China named andysun actually saw the phrase as a way to meet hardships: “whatever you meet or suffer, it is a good way to say ‘thanks a million’ cause the good things make you better, the bad things make you stronger.”

I was happy to see how an EXTREME English lesson, which was designed to be really silly, made people think about what really means a lot to them and express it in English. Our million members continue to amaze me.

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