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Sasha Vujacic on his New Signature Shoe

Sasha Vujacic’s lesson on “the machine” was really popular. There were lots of comments from people talking what kind of machine they want to be, and the video even appeared on the website of the LA Times.

But in the interest of time, we left out a lot of good stuff from the interview, like Sasha talking about his new shoe deal in China and growing up in (the now former) Yugoslavia.

Jason: So you have a shoe deal coming up in China, is that right?

Sasha: Yes, I do. I’m very excited about it. We reached an agreement and I’m going to have my own signature shoe. The company is called Peak and I can’t wait to wear them in the games. It’s going to be fun.

Jason: Did you help design the shoes yourself and pick what they’re going to look like?

: Yes, I did. I wanted not only to help design it, but to make it feel as comfortable as they can be and as stable as they can be for basketball players to play with them. I think it’s gonna be a good shoe.

Jason: Have you ever been to China?

Sasha: Yes, I went there for Basketball Without Borders to promote basketball in Asia with Yao and Scottie Pippen. It was fun. It was an amazing experience.

: What’s your strategy for learning languages?

Sasha: Well, the thing is, I was very young when my country kind of split apart. So as a young kid, I spoke two languages already. And then going to Italy, it was very new for me. I didn’t know anything but, “Good morning.” In five years there I realized that all my friends and everybody I was playing with or hanging out with, they spoke just Italian and English was optional. At times, when they wanted to, they spoke it, but most of the time it was Italian. Lucky for me, I knew a little bit of English when I came to Italia and spending a lot of time there, I learned Italian.

: And then when you came here, how hard was it for you to learn English?

Sasha:  I knew English since I was probably eleven or ten. In school we always had English as a second language. I started in school very young. Our country is very small so in order to have a second language or third language, you have to go with English or Italian or whatever you think you’re going to do later on in life and in school we always English as a second language.

Jason:  So when you first got here, did you do any speaking Italian with Kobe?

Sasha:  Yes, I did since day one. He speaks really good Italian and we kind of clicked from day one. Coming to America, I didn’t expect that anybody would speak Italian and then learning about the Lakers, learning about Kobe, I had the opportunity to find out that he speaks really good Italian and we kind of clicked from day one.

: Did you know what “the Machine” meant right away? Were you familiar with the English slang calling someone a machine?

Sasha: Yes, of course. This is my fifth year in the states and five years in Los Angeles, you learn a lot from slang to…anything. I thought it was fun in the beginning, but everybody liked it and I’ve got to just represent it.

Jason: Do you ever feel like it’s a lot of pressure to be “the Machine”?

Sasha: No, I think it’s good. I think it’s good if people recognize you as the Machine and I just gotta play up to that level and I’m waiting for opportunities to shine in the upcoming game.

Jason: Do any of your teammates call you the Machine?

Sasha: Last year, when all this started, it was kind of funny because some of the trainers brought up a YouTube video by people that made something about myself and it was just funny. It was interior joke in the locker room and inside the practice facility and it was going on forever.

Here’s the latest “Machine” video:

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    Those shoes are dope man! I wonder if I can get them online?

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