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Teacher on the Move: What Would You Bring Abroad?

So you might remember that I went to the TESOL Convention. But you might have forgotten that I had a job interview while I was there.  Turns out I got a job offer! So the Ebaby! teacher might go abroad. The job is on the beautiful coast of Turkey at a university with small class sizes and motivated students.

I am super excited about the opportunity, but as I was cleaning my house it hit me: where is all my stuff going to go? And what will I do without the fifty teaching books that I regularly reference like Zero Prep and my huge file cabinet of lessons (which of course I only have paper copies of)? I have heard EFL teachers talk about bringing one boo abroad (usually Azar).  But I just can’t imagine it.

And then I start to think about my other stuff: My poor furniture, clothes and colorful dishes that I’ll have to leave behind.  I know that is silly. I have lived aboard before and it is actually surprisingly easy to pack a years worth of stuff in two bags. I know that is really the least of my worries.

But truth be told, I am so excited about the opportunity and not really worried. I know it will be perfect. I still have a few weeks before I have to sign the contract, but I think my mind is made up.

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15 Responses to “Teacher on the Move: What Would You Bring Abroad?”

  1. baris Says:

    ? am a english student and ? need more conversation thats why all teacher can visit me and we can go everywhere in the istanbul

  2. mahir y?ld?z Says:

    if you come to turkey and need anything I’m in istanbul and just send me an e-mail. maybe, I can help you (if it is possible)

  3. faragattia Says:

    Avery wonderful thoughts organizing featured by a comprehensive coherence to the idea of moving and future expectations of efforts wuld be exerted by a teacher who knows his / her hard job, anyhow,I BELIEVE that the most important weapon a teacher should be geard with is his /her previous experience in the same field, after all ,students are the same all over the world nomatter their culture is whenever the effecient teacher is available, and i believe you are, best of luck.

  4. An?l Says:

    Turkey is really beautiful country and their people is very hospitable they arent like a english people

  5. Maya Says:

    wish for good luck….:)am sure u’ll forget all of ur stuff right after u see the class…take care

  6. hakan Says:

    Hi dearie,
    Firstly you’d better make sure that the school that you applied for the position of the ESL teacher offers you enough to be worth leaving your luxurious comfortable lifestandarts and I would say still there are lots of language schools and universities that can never guarantee job satisfaction as well as regular salary.
    wish you the best

  7. Ricardo Says:

    I’m brazilian estudant, if I had a chance to work abroad I would be very happy and accept the job. Go on and be happy!!!

  8. jose Says:

    i am a student and i want to improve my english i will be appreciate of your help

  9. vinson Says:

    Give my best wishes to you,my friend!

  10. nonesh Says:

    i’m egyptian and i need help to improve my language . i don’t refuse any help to be perfect in this language and i hope to you a happy life

  11. hakan Says:

    hi, I am a graduate student in Istanbul.If you work in Istanbul, i will appreciate to meet and help for anything to you.Good luck…

  12. amanda Says:

    Congratulations!I,m very admire you!You have clourful life and do what you like,not like me to stay all days in the office and repeat the same work day by day.I,m hardly endure that.

  13. Sepideh Says:

    I am an English student.As you have mentioned It could be an opportunity.Why do you want to ignore it just becauseof your stuff?If I were you,I would sign the contract.

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    […] P.S. thanks for all the encouragement you guys gave me to teach abroad. I am excited about that […]

  15. Teresa Says:

    hi i like very much but i have three children maybe later ok thank you

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