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Türkoglu vs. Gasol

When my Blazers and their Spanish Armada was defeated by the Houston Rockets in the first round of the NBA playoffs, I started rooting for the Rockets to go all the way. Yao Ming is a great player who has never won a championship and how huge would it be for China if he won.

But did you know the Lakers have a Chinese player too? His name is Sun Yue. He hasn’t seen any post-season minutes, but he’s a rookie. Give him time!

In fact, in the final match up between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic, there are lots of foreign players. Pau Gasol is pretty famous for leading the Spanish Olympic team to a silver medal last summer in Beijing and he and Kobe make a great combination.

One of the Magic’s leading scorers in every game of playoffs has been Hedo Türkoglu of Turkey. Apparently, back home he’s known as “the Michael Jordan of Turkey” because he’s so versatile and unstoppable.

In game one of the finals day before yesterday, Didier Ilunga-Mbenga, a center for the Lakers from Congo made an appearance in the final minutes of the game. He hasn’t seen much playing time lately, but when Andrew Bynum was injured earlier in the season, I remember seeing him a lot. He always looks confident to me when he gets in the game, which says a lot about him. It’s hard to come off the bench for a couple of minutes here and there and not be nervous.

How do I know so much about the Lakers? Because I’ve been watching them all year, rooting for Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic from Slovenia! You’d think he’s a starter for how much attention he gets. All the announcers know his nick-name and some fans made a special series of popular videos just for him! He’s also one of only 5 or so NBA players with a signature shoe in China and also sort of my close personal friend (sort of).

Rounding out the international players in the finals are Mickael Pietrus from France and Marcin Gortat from Poland. Both of these guys see significant minutes for the Magic and Pietrus in particular was deadly against the Cavaliers with his three-pointers earlier in the playoffs.

I can’t decide who to root for because I’ve got Sasha on the one side, but the Lakers are the Blazers’ rival and I also want to support my friends in Turkey by rooting for Türkoglu and his magic. Which team do you support? I better make up mind soon–game 2 is tomorrow!

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  1. korhan Says:

    hey hedo…you’re the best we right behind you as a turkey

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