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Talkin' with Le Toux

This Friday, we are featuring our first English lesson with a professional soccer player! We were thrilled to learn we would have French player Sebastien Le Toux on the site, especially after learning how thrilled he is to be playing in the US. Take a peak at our lesson on “flick” with Sebastien Le Toux of Sounders FC.

I talked to Sebastien on the phone for a few minutes the day before I went up to the Sounders’ practice field in Tukwila, Washington. We discussed what slang term would be good for him to teach. I asked him if he uses any slang phrases frequently and he said he might, but he might not know they are slang! I hadn’t thought of that.

His teammates couldn’t think of any idioms he uses often, so I looked at a list of soccer slang and chose “flick” because it’s slang outside of soccer as well. Plus, a short high kick was something Sebastien could demonstrate easily. He was more than happy to demonstrate how it can be an effective way to pass a defender by kicking a ball over my head!

Needless to say, the interview was a lot of fun. It was wild seeing part of the Sounders practice as well. I wound up catching a header drill where each player took turns trying to score on the keeper with their heads.

Here’s a shot of Sounders practice. Sebastien (who is called “Seba” by his teammates) is in the long shorts and blue shirt.

The Sounders will finish a successful season at home against FC Dallas on Saturday and then head to the MLS playoffs!

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