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More with the Bird and the Bee's Inara George

Today’s music lesson is an interview with Inara George from electro jazz duo the Bird and the Bee. She spoke to me on the from her home in Los Angeles back in August. She teaches, (what else?) the phrase, “the birds and the bees” and she does such a good job. Her sexy, languid voice must be driving our teenage boy members crazy.

We were inspired to ask Inara to do a lesson when “Love Letter To Japan” started showing up on the charts in Asia. It’s such a catchy song. Take a look at the video and read the outtakes from the interview below.

The Bird & The Bee – Love Letter To Japan

Jason: When we emailed, you mentioned that you’re working from 10am to noon today. What job do you have where you work for 2 hours in the middle of the day like that?

Inara: Oh, I’m working with Greg, writing stuff.

Jason: Oh, do you take sort of a craftsperson approach to it where you do it at a particular time every day?

Inara: No. I mean we do it whenever we’re free. We just sort of fit it in when we can. Sometimes we do it, sometimes we don’t, it just depends.

Jason: Cool. You guys just played with Katy Perry in Hollywood. How was that?

Inara: It was fun. We haven’t been playing a ton lately, so it’s always fun to play a show.

Jason: How did you find her fans?

Inara: They were very sweet. It seemed like we had some fans of our own in the audience too which is always a nice thing. We haven’t opened up for anyone in a long time, I think since our first record came out. So, you know, it’s always a little bit different because you don’t have the whole crowd. But it seemed like the audience was into it, so that was cool.

Jason: The “Love Letter To Japan” video has sort of a video game theme. Is that something you experienced when you were in Japan?

Inara: No. The label chose that song as the single and they wanted to do a video and we had a bunch of different video directors submit their ideas for it and that was one that we thought would be fun.

Jason: So you didn’t know that would be the single?

Inara: You know, you just write songs…and we didn’t even think that song was going to make it on the record. But I guess it ended up being the single. And these days, singles aren’t really…it’s not like it’s getting on the radio. They call it a “focus track.” I guess that’s just what they focus their energy on.

Visit the Bird and the Bee’s website and their MySpace.

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