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Tété Music Video and Concert Review

Americans who speak French love to hang out together. I’ve found myself out with a group who at some point realized they all spoke French and decided to speak it right then. Let me tell you, I wish I knew I French too, because they were having lots of fun!

So when after filming an English lesson with French star, Tété, I went to his only show in the US this fall, it was no surprise to find the front rows full of people singing along and whispering to one another in French. And by the end of the set, Tété, came down off the stage and sang along with them with no microphone. You can read more about the show in the review I wrote for the Oregonian newspaper here in Portland.

But unlike my night out with friends that took an unexpected turn for the French, Tété is an inclusive kind of guy. When we met him at the recording studio, he gave us a tour. We wished we could have hung out all day! And even though I don’t know what they mean, I get the words to “Fils de cham” stuck in my head all the time now.

Following Nicolas Batum and Sebastien Le Toux, this is the third French celebrity English lesson we’ve had on English, baby! in the last year, more than any other nationality. But you just wait…we’ve got a celebrity English teacher from outer space coming up soon!

For more info on Tété, visit his website.

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  1. alex Says:

    Hello!Nice to meet you !

  2. Sally Says:

    I like to know many many new friends each other

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