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Ebaby! Buzz

To give someone a buzz means to call them on the phone. We know a lot of the students who use English, baby! to learn English would love to practice speaking English on the phone with an American. So we decided to start something we like to call the Ebaby! Buzz in which one of the actors from our Ebaby! cast, calls you on the phone!

For the first Buzz, we asked our Facebook fans to change their profile photo to the English, baby! logo. Jaider from Colombia was the first to do it, so I gave him a call! Listen in:

My favorite part was Jaider’s mom shouting for him to come to the phone. He explained that he was in the shower because he didn’t think I was really going to call. But Ebaby! Buzz is for real! Watch English, baby! and our Facebook and Twitter to find out how you can win one of the cast members giving you a buzz!

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2 Responses to “Ebaby! Buzz”

  1. wa Says:

    why ‘baby’? thats a bit weird

  2. jasonsimms Says:

    The important part is the comma before and exclamation point after “baby.” When you like something in English, or you are excited, you can put “baby” after it. Think of Austin Powers: “Yeah, baby!”

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