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opbEach morning, Think Out Loud hosts a live conversation on the radio about a topic of interest to Oregon Public Broadcasting listeners. It’s a show everyone in Oregon knows, so imagine our excitement when after seeing the Wall Street Journal story we helped with, they asked English, baby! CEO John Hayden to come on the air and talk about slang.

You can listen this episode here. It also features a student from a local ELS school. It’s great to hear him go back and forth with John about learning a language. John also shares a classic story about how he once accidentally proposed to a woman in Japan.

Another even more surprising response to the WSJ article was this post on Gawker making fun of it. Of all the sources in the story, they only quoted John in their post. We’re glad they singled us out though–it’s nice to be made fun of by such a popular gossip site! I hope we get on TMZ next.



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