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Ella Says Goodbye

EllaOn today’s episode of our English lesson soap opera, Ella announces she is quitting her job and moving to Lake Tahoe. In real life, Ame Phitwong, the actress who plays Ella did just that.

Ame joined the English, baby! cast a few years ago when Amanda left. When she’s not modeling, she throws great parties, so we had a lot of fun working with her. She also loves to travel and kept a great blog on English, baby! of all of her adventures.

Since we film our videos well in advance, Ame has actually been in Tahoe since the end of last year. I got in touch with her to see how things are going and to reflect on her work at English, baby!


Jason: Tell us about your new life in Tahoe. How are things? Are you doing a lot of snowboarding?

Ame: Things in Tahoe haven’t quite turned out exactly as I planned. The winter season was dismal, one of the worse winters in nearly 100 years with barely any snow. The upside is because I live 5 minutes away from the mountain, it’s been my best season on record! I learned a lot of new tricks, but also got a lot of injuries. I busted my knee and face a few times, but had a lot of fun! Overall, it’s great living here. I can see the lake from my house and snowboard from the run to my backyard. This is the life I was dreaming of.

Jason: Are you doing any acting or modeling there?

Ame: I haven’t been doing any acting or modeling. I’m still trying to get things together with my daily life and return to school to get my masters. I hope to get back into both fields in the next year so keep an eye out for me!

Jason: What is your all-time favorite English, baby! lesson? Does one stand out as your least favorite?

Ame: I couldn’t decide on one, but my two favorite lessons are when I adopted Table as my son, and when I was Dale’s fitness instructor. Those were both really fun to do. Oh, and the musical for the 100th episode too. I don’t have a least favorite. I had fun working on all the lessons!

Jason: How are you similar to Ella? How are you different?

Ame: I’m not that much different from Ella. She’s really into fashion and friendly and hyper. Although I would have to say I’m a lot more altruistic and not as clueless compared to her. Coincidentally, a lot of the episodes seemed to mirror some real-life issues I was going through unbeknownst to the writers! It was quite funny. I never mentioned that to anyone. Also, Ella was a way better detective than I could ever be.

Jason: If the real you had to choose between Mason and Jeff, who would you have picked?

Ame: I think I would’ve chose Mason. He was just so sweet and funny. Jeff is cool too, but not really my type.

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