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Learning English Vocab in a Moving Arcimoto Electric Vehicle

Our latest creation at English, baby! is a series of business English lessons starring American CEOs. We’ll be launching a page for all of these videos soon, but we’re especially proud of this lesson with Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer.

First of all, Mark an extremely smart guy. Not only is he building a car that is going to save the world, but he can explain the English vocabulary of his industry extremely well without rehearsing. People keep asking me if he prepared his responses for this video. Nope. That’s just his way with words.

So we had a good interview on our hands. But the beauty of it was that we got to do the interview while driving around downtown Portland in Arcimoto’s latest prototype. How fun is that? Take a look at the video.

We were worried that the microphones might not pick up our voices with the wind resistance, but the Arcimoto is extremely quiet and its windshield blocked almost all the wind. I can’t imagine how quiet the car is going to be once it’s completed and has a full body.

Mark was so full of helpful info, we had to cut a lot of great stuff. Here’s a section that didn’t make the final lesson in which he talks about how electric cars don’t use miles per gallon or MPG, they use watt hours per mile to measure efficiency. That was a new term to me!

In order to shoot our video, we borrowed a GoPro camera from the Arcimoto guys. I knew they had one because of this video starring Stana Katic from Castle. Looks like if I buy an Arcimoto, I’ll be in good company.

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