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Devan Says Goodbye


Devan joined the Ebaby! Cast more than five years ago, and she seemingly hasn’t aged at all. She’s an original character on our English lesson soap opera. Sweet, young Devan has always been a fan favorite, even when we had her character do bad things or she became a mean boss (all in the name of English lessons, of course!).

When at the end of season 5, Devan and her husband (played by me) decided to move away, Devan was, in fact, moving on from English, baby! We checked in with her to hear about what she’s up to and look back at her time here.

Jason: Why did you leave Ebaby! and what are you doing now?

Devan: On the show, my character left her busy city life to go lead a more laid back lifestyle in the country. My real life has been the exact opposite! My professional career has been picking up, which unfortunately lead me to make the hard decision to leave Ebaby! It’s still my dream to work in film, mainly behind the camera, so hopefully one day you’ll see my name attached to some projects. And I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an Ebaby! cameo in the future….

Jason: What’s your all time favorite lesson that you’ve been in? Does one stick out as your least favorite?

Devan: There are a few favorites. My wedding, of course. It was really fun getting to wear a white dress and drink champagne. We actually had a mini party in the park–it wasn’t just staged. The product placement episode was also hilarious and a blast to shoot, and I loved Beren’s wild night in Vegas. My least favorite episodes were probably the ones when a cast member left. Our cast was very tight knit, so it was hard saying goodbye to Kevin, Amanda, Beren, and Ella. But I’m excited that Amanda is back! I can’t wait to see how her relationship with Mason progresses.

Jason: You used to complain that I made you do too many embarrassing things on the soap opera. Which one bothered you the most? (I hope you don’t say kissing me.)

Devan: Ha! My role was always amusing and I loved that I never knew what to expect with each script. I’d only say that I worried from time to time that our audience was going to hate me! Mason and Beren had such loveable characters, whereas my character battled a drug addiction, tricked Jason into thinking we were in a relationship when he had amnesia, and bossed everyone around ruthlessly after starting her company. I swear my real life is far less dramatic!

Jason: In the soap opera, I proposed to you and we got married. How similar or different were these moments from what you want in real life?

Devan: Marriage and settling down is pretty far from my mind at this point. I’m pretty focused on building a career at the moment, but I’m also only 26. I’ve got plenty of time to think about that stuff in the future. But if I do get married someday, I hope it’s as fun as our pretend wedding was!

Jason: What one thing do you most hope the members learned from you?

Devan: I didn’t start talking (at least not real words) until I was almost 3. Then, I struggled with a lisp all through elementary school–I still do, as you may have noticed in my videos!–and had to go to speech therapy. Learning your first language is incredibly difficult, let alone learning a second or third language. I hope our videos have helped our members to not just learn English better, but to feel more comfortable speaking it conversationally. Most native English speakers, myself included, use slang and use words incorrectly all the time. It’s no big deal. I’d most hope that our viewers know that you don’t need to be perfect, it’s already amazing that you’re making the effort to learn English in the first place.

6 Responses to “Devan Says Goodbye”

  1. ola33 Says:

    Hi, Devan. Thanks a lot for being on English,Baby and giving us so much happiness, laughter and English. We’ll be missing you. Good luck in your future career!

  2. korhan Says:

    good luck in your real life.ı’m looking forward to watching cameo

  3. clark Says:

    Devan, thanks for all your hard work! And sincerely hope you the best!

  4. a2020 Says:

    Thanks for your lovely role and i am sure all members of English Baby will miss you.

  5. Jobee Says:

    Thank you,Devan,for all your time and efforts at E-baby.I remember the first moment I saw you on the website,I think the native-speaker was so beautiful.you have not only offered the great videos and audios,but a vivid character as well.
    I like you,I hope you everything goes well,I mean in real life.
    what’s more,I think it’ll a happy end.

  6. Semen Shalukhanov Says:

    Devan, thank you very much! You are awesome!

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